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Asbestos Inspections
Asbestos Inspection new york

Allied has a Licensed NYC Asbestos inspector in each of the boroughs throughout the New York/ Long Island area. With over 20 years expereince we get the job done fast and right so you can move on with your construction.


198.8 Vermiculite Testing

The New York Method 198.8 removes vermiculite through heavy liquid separation prior to a PLM analysis. This method is the only way to test vermiculite that is approved by NYC.

PLM Sampling

PLM Sampling is a techinique that lab technicians use to determine if asbestos is present or not. Materials sampled by the PLM method include sheetrock, plaster, motor, cementitous etc.


An ACP-5 is a New York City asbestos report and is issued as a part of the permiting process. We issue these reports within 24 hours of recieving sample results back or 24 hours after insepction is completed, if no samples are needed.

TEM Sampling

TEM Sampling is another method of analysis that lab technicians use as PLM is not consistantly reliable in detecting asbestos in floor coverings and similar non-friable organically bound material like tar, roofing caulking, ceiling tile, vinyl tile etc.


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